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Dakh Daughters, Actresses Turned Freak-Cabaret Band

7. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Dakh Daughters


When one of the actresses at Kyiv’s Dakh Contemporary Art Center suggested they prepare a cabaret-style show for their tour of Paris, they never imagined it would become such a big success and Dakh Daughters would be born.


The seven beautiful Ukrainian girls are known as a "freak-cabaret," a name the theater owner came up with and the ladies approve of.


"Freak-cabaret occupies a space on the border of theatre and music and lets us cross all possible limits in genres and styles. The word 'freak' can stand for so many things – strange, whimsical, unusual and so on," says member Tetyana Havryluyk.


They make for a multilingual and multicultural mix as songs are sung in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, and other languages. Most of the ladies play several instruments as well such as the drums, double bass, keyboard, flute, and cello. They perform with 15 musical instruments in all.


Next week, crowds will be wowed at the Green Theatre in Kyiv on June 12th, followed by a show in Odessa on June 23rd. At the end of the summer, they’ll perform at a jazz festival in Rivne on August 31st.


For first timers of a Dakh Daughters show, member Ruslana Khazipova shares some advice.


"Don’t analyze, don’t try to understand, free yourself from all the preconceptions you have about music – come and take pleasure, relax and accept the new!"


Take a peek at one of their performances right here! 



Source: whatson-kiev.com, Photo: Dakh Daughters