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Danes Do Business in Ukraine

28. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

There are not many Danish men living in Ukraine – best estimates put the number of Danish ex-pats in Ukraine around 200 – but, the ones who do live there have made a significant impact on the country’s economy. Danish immigrants have opened over 100 businesses in Ukraine. A few of the areas where Danish men are making their mark:



Danish firm Maersk Ukraine controls about one fifth of the shipping business from Ukraine. Their ships carry Ukrainian steel, grain, eggs and poultry to markets throughout Europe. Maersk Ukraine executive Jesper Rishoj Pedersen credits Denmark’s history as a trading nation with its success in Ukraine.


Investigative Journalism

Scoop, a Danish organization that funds investigative journalism did one of their first in-depth stories in Odessa. They helped expose a company that advertised as a theater seeking actresses that was, in fact, a front for a pornographic studio. They later helped Kyiv Post reporter Peter Byrne expose a conspiracy regarding the 2000 murder of a fellow journalist. Scoop is funded by the Danish government and sponsors projects throughout Eastern Europe. Scoop funds between 10 and 25 investigations in Ukraine each year. Scoop leader  Henrik Kaufholz says that he is impressed with Ukrainians’ dedication to rooting out corruption.


Textiles and Clothing

There are a number of Danish-owned firms in Ukraine that make fabric, clothing, or other cloth goods. Airline Textile, a textile printing company, employs about 40 people applying bold prints to fabrics. Danish Textiles SC employs about 500 people near Lviv in a factory that makes mattresses, ticking and pillow covers. Duatex produces women’s and children’s clothing. Steinum produces high-end knitwear.



Halychyna Zakhid is a 100% Danish-owned company that raises pigs for the Ukrainian market. They employ European standards for high quality meat. Danosha, another Danish-owned Ukrainian pig farming venture, focuses on sustainable and ethical husbandry practices. And, Agro-Lviv, a Danish agriculture consulting business, helps Ukrainian producers of milk, meats and produce improve the efficiency of their ventures through micro-loan projects.


Photo: Kyiv Post