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Dating Online? Don’t Commit These Crimes!

20. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

When men go online to chat with beautiful Russian brides, they may act differently behind the comfort of their computer. They may type things they would never say to a woman in person.


While this can often work as an advantage, it can also backfire if men aren’t mindful.


Don’t Lie

One good rule to follow is to always tell the truth. This doesn’t mean sharing your life story with every honest detail in the first few emails. Just refrain from lying about anything. The truth will come out eventually and the lady will have a hard time being able to trust you.


Don’t Send Naked Pics

Another internet courting commandment is don’t surprise a lady by sending nude photos of yourself. While exchanging sexy pics can be fun once you’ve established a relationship, sending them to girls you’ve hardly introduced yourself to is inappropriate.


Don’t Complain

Everyone deals with everyday life stress but rehashing issues during internet dating will only leave you both depressed. Again, once you’ve formed closer connections with a few ladies, it can be fine to vent a little about your day. But if you’re still in the beginning stages of online conversation, keep the topics positive and lighthearted.


It may sound simple enough to avoid these atrocious actions, but plenty of perpetrators are caught more commonly than you’d think! Don’t let it be you. Tell the truth. Send pics of your pets or favorite places instead of your private parts. And stay positive!


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