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Dating Russian Women Named Vera or Lubov?

29. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hot Russian bride, Vera55

More Russian Name Days mean more beautiful Russian brides to celebrate! September 30th is the date to congratulate Vera and Lubov. These lovely names are both Slavic in origin and ladies who share them are very proud of their meanings.


The Slavic name Vera was derived from the Latin word verus meaning “truth” and is translated by the Russian language to mean “faith”. Many hot Russian brides have very strong beliefs and those named Vera are often very devoted and passionate about them.


One very passionate Russian woman athlete is Vera Zvonareva. Born in Moscow, this hot Russian tennis player recently reached the Grand Slam final at the U.S. Open but was defeated by Belgian Kim Clijsters. There is also sexy Ukrainian singer, Vera Brezhneva.


The other name we’re celebrating is Lubov, also spelled as Lyubov, and commonly nicknamed Lyuba. This name holds a very special significance since it means “love”.


Lyubov Orlova

Lyubov Petrovna Orlova is considered the first recognized star of the Soviet cinema. As a talented actress and singer, Lyubov became famous for starring in Soviet classics such as Jolly Fellows (1934), Circus (1936), Volga-Volga (1938), Bright Path (1940), and Spring (1947).


Also, a Russian woman well known in the science fiction world goes by the name Lubov. She was born in St. Petersburg and specializes in fantasy art.


This is an exceptional Russian Name Day since we’re honoring “hope” for Nadezhda, “faith” for Vera, and “love” for Lubov. Send special wishes to these ladies and find out if one could be your perfect match!



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