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Dealing with Russian Dating Anxiety

25. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Imagine this: you log on to HRB and start searching for women to chat with. You notice several stunning ladies online, but are afraid to initiate contact. Questions and doubts flood your mind. What if she ignores me? What if she rejects my chat request? What if we have nothing to say? 


Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably suffering from Russian dating anxiety. Here’s how to overcome those jitters and start comfortably chatting with the ladies of HRB. 


Let Go of Rejection Fears

Dismissing rejection is definitely easier said than done, but it can certainly improve your Russian dating experience. Remember this: Everybody gets rejected from time to time. It’s a normal part of the dating process. Even glamorous stars like Ryan Gosling and Kate Upton have been passed over for someone else. The important thing is to realize this basic truth and not let a fear of rejection paralyze your search. Plus, as painful as it might be, women who reject your advances are actually doing you a favor. Would you rather a lady feign polite interest or be open and honest about her feelings?


Think About What to Say

If you’re worried you’ll have nothing to say, it helps to brainstorm a few topics and think of possible questions. Start by reviewing a woman’s profile to learn more about her life, interests, and the type of man she hopes to meet. You might ask why she’s seeking love abroad, what life is like in her hometown, what she hopes to accomplish in life. If you’re still feeling anxious, check out these past articles about possible conversation starters:


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Realize the Women Are Nervous Too

While it may seem difficult to believe, many women on HRB are also anxious about chatting with foreign singles. Like you, they may feel self-conscious about reaching out to a potential match or unsure what to say. The women have the added stress of trying to chat in a foreign language. Knowing that the women are also nervous about Russian dating can make them seem much less intimidating.


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