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Food, Fun, Fantasy at Saratov's Jumanji

9. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Just as Jumanji, the 1995 fantasy film, brings a magical board game to life, Jumanji the club brings the night to life in Saratov, Russia.


In a port city best known for industrial technology and performing arts, Jumanji Club is where Saratovans walk on the wild side. With exotic decor inspired by the movie, it is Nightlife Central: home to eclectic dining, a sophisticated bar, and a pulsing all-night dance club.


Not to mention billiards and bowling!


Its restaurant is decorated in Italian style but its menu draws from all over the globe: a wealth of meat and fish dishes, exotic and traditional salads, a sushi bar, pizza and desserts. A mix of business executives, couples and families keep the tables full from lunch "until the last guest leaves."


Its bar, Pink Shrimp, features a deejay heavy on club music and signature cocktails. But ground zero is Jumanji the nightclub. It opens its doors at 10 p.m. and closes at 6 a.m., if that gives you an idea of the vibe. Its green, jungle-inspired theme is tasteful, exotic and high-energy -- a magnet for beautiful women! Deejays rock the house with a creative mix of dance music.


Jumaji also features billiards and bowling. As the hotspot of record in Saratov, the club also plays host to many events, from children's theater to art exhibits, fashion shows to the hot, annual Miss Jumanji pageant.


If you're looking to romance a hot Russian lady in a magical nightspot, you'll probably find Jumanji Club the coolest place in town.