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Do Hot Russian Brides Celebrate Halloween?

20. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Do Hot Russian Brides Celebrate Halloween?

When Western traditions travel across the globe to Eastern Europe, they tend to stick. The haunting holiday of Halloween is just another reason for residents in Russia and Ukraine to get together and party. There is typically no trick or treating and no pumpkin carving. In fact, pumpkins have a negative connotation in old Ukrainian folklore.


When a gentleman would ask a young Ukrainian girl to marry him, and she rejected his proposal, she would give him a pumpkin. While this old tradition is no longer practiced, the saying “to get a pumpkin” is still quite popular. It can mean that someone has declined your offer in an important business matter or that your girlfriend has broken up with you.


Mostly students and young adults celebrate Halloween in Russia and Ukraine by dressing up in elaborate costumes, although there are no shops that sell them. Girls ask their mothers to sew outfits or they put them together themselves. The most important feature is the face painting, as most Russian women adore makeup. Many clubs host special parties where ladies can compete in costume contests and dance the night away.


Every year there are more and more frightening festivities. Some old castles and hotels host haunted houses and tours, while restaurants feature monster-themed menus. However, the Russian government, along with the Russian Orthodox Church, don’t appreciate the celebration of this “devilish” holiday and have attempted to ban festivities over the years.


Russian and Ukrainian ladies are culturally carnivorous, yearning to experience the ways of the world. Many of them love participating in Halloween and several of the agencies host parties. Ask your favorite Russian brides if they will be dressing up for this occasion. Also, be sure to look for ladies streaming live video that weekend to get a peek at some creative costumes!