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Do Russian Girls Like Older Gentlemen?

22. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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For most Russian and Ukrainian women, dating and marrying older gentlemen is acceptable and even preferable to men their own age. If a couple has mutual compatibility, open communication and a willingness to cultivate the relationship, they typically have a good chance of making the marriage work.


One reason Russian women are interested in older partners is because they are eager to settle down and start a family at an early age. They want men who are past the partying stage and more stable and secure. Mature gentlemen tend to be better matches for ladies with this mindset.


Also, many Russian girls love to learn, therefore appreciating a man with lots of life experience and knowledge. Again, these qualities contribute to feelings of stability and security which women want from potential partners. 


Another fact is that Russian women are generally perceived to be more emotionally and intellectually mature at a younger age. However, they still may not have the life experience necessary to realize the obstacles that come with pursuing an older gentleman. This is why open communication and establishing realistic expectations are so important.


So, do older gentlemen have a better chance on long term relationships with younger women? Not necessarily. Couples shouldn't discount the challenges that significant age differences can bring. But with so many success stories on HotRussianBrides.com, positive outcomes are probable!