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Do Russian Girls Really Like Sports?

26. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Men who are looking for Russian brides online often notice several who say "I go in for sport" in their profile descriptions. Do these ladies really enjoy playing sports or at least spectating? Or do they just say it because they think it will help them attract more suitors?


The truth is these women really do love sports for a variety of reasons.


One is that they take great pride in their appearance and their health. An easy and fun way to stay active and look fit is by participating in sports. Whether it's tennis, basketball, boxing, fencing, swimming, or badminton, almost every sport has female players from the Former Soviet Union.


Another reason is that women get swept up in the spectacle and celebrity of sports stars. Svetlana Kolchik, editor of the Russian Marie Claire magazine, talks about how her female friends flock to football matches for the entertainment and sheer social aspect.


"Football used to be an almost exclusively male domain in which most females either felt alien or aggressively jealous. But times have changed," Svetlana says. "The sport became a multi-billion dollar industry, a sort of a new era Disneyland where everyone, including women, children, and entire families are welcome. And the players themselves have turned into the stars of top politicians’ and A-list Hollywood actors’ caliber."


Svetlana also notes that Russian women are passionate about sports because of the unity and the cheering with compatriots for a common goal.


"Sports like football are perhaps the last resorts of perfectly acceptable patriotism, similar to what watching military parades used to be in the past, only with more adrenaline and emotion," she says.  "I think the sport is one of the rare occasions when we feel united by the otherwise lacking national idea."

 Source: RIA Novosti