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Do Russian Ladies Like Sexy Chat?

19. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian ladies love writing romantic emails filled with flowery descriptions and fairy tale dreams. Yet some post provocative pictures wearing skimpy bikinis and lacey lingerie. This may send mixed messages to men. Do they prefer romantic or risque chatting?


Russian and Ukrainian women generally want gentlemen, especially when first getting to know them. It's smart to refrain from any sexy talk in the first few emails or instant messages. For some ladies, this is a major turn off. They tend to feel embarrassed or even offended.


Even if the woman brings up a sexy subject, approach it cautiously. It only takes a few false comments to cause her to question your correspondence.


While most couples won't wait until they meet in person to talk provocatively, you should still try to hold off until you've been chatting for long while. If you're a polite gentleman right at the start, there will be plenty of time for more intimate conversations in the future.