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Do Russian Women Like Cocky Guys?

22. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

When reading hot Russian brides' profiles, guys can clearly see these ladies are looking for real, strong men. Some think this is an open invitation to adopt an arrogant attitude to make themselves appear rough and tough. However, there are ways to be strong and manly without being too cocky.


The first rule to follow is to know when a Ukrainian woman isn't interested and move on. Guys who continue emailing or chatting with a lady, thinking they can change her mind, are only wasting time. Bragging about careers, bank accounts, or prior partners makes men look foolish.


Next, women put more emphasis on how men make them feel rather than how they look. Guys who wear tight clothing to accentuate their muscles, or just overly boast about their bodies, could direct that attention toward the ladies for better results.  


Confidence is a major turn on for Russian women. They want men who are proud of who they are and can take charge when needed. However, being too confident can come across as cocky. Some subtle ways of showing confidence online are posting smiling profile pics, giving sincere compliments, and suggesting the next time you'll chat again. When meeting in person, maintain eye contact, use her name during conversations, and offer to hold doors, pull out chairs, etc.


A Russian bride really just wants a caring, sensitive gentleman who can step up to the plate and be her strong, protective partner. He should focus on her more than himself. The ultimate prize of having a beautiful woman as your wife will be well worth it.