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Do Russian Women Like Tattoos?

18. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Thanks to common stereotypes about Russian women, people assume that the ladies on HRB are quiet and reserved and traditionally feminine, in others words not the kind of women who sport tattoos and body piercings. However, many of the women on Hot Russian Brides have unique body art and aren’t afraid to show it off.

Sure, some Russian women would never dream of getting a tattoo or piercing anything other than their ears. However, other women love to express themselves in untraditional ways. Despite common stereotypes and over-the-top marketing claims, Russian women are not that different than women in any other country. Some are conservative, some are not. Some women hate tattoos, some love body art. The only way to know for sure what a lady thinks about a particular topic is to chat her up and learn about her interests and opinions. Never make assumptions about a woman based on her appearance and/or country of origin.

Similarly, some men believe Russian women are relatively conservative when it comes to choosing a husband, and that men with tattoos, body piercings, or both will scare Russian ladies off. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. As a quick look at the lady’s pics will show, some of the women on HRB are far from straight laced and would welcome mail from a man with piercings and tats. Tattoos are by no means a Russian dating deal breaker.

If you’re intrigued by a particular woman, send her an email or chat request and find out what she’s about. It's the only way to find a true Russian love match!