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Do Russian Women Prefer Chat or Email?

13. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

While some of our Russian dating service members enjoy both, most will have a preference toward communicating via Chat or via Email. This will be true for both Gentlemen using our services as well as the Single Russian Ladies, and we do sometimes receive complaints from Gentleman who prefer email about Ladies who prefer Chat and vice versa.

It’s important to remember that someone having different interests or different approaches to life and communication doesn’t mean that person is in any way dishonest or untrustworthy. People are simply different – some ladies on the site prefer the high-paced chat system, as they can ask a question and receive a response almost immediately. Other ladies using our introductions agencies may prefer writing emails, taking time to understand and formulate longer responses. Both approaches reveal a lot about the personality of the person who uses them.

For many Ukrainian ladies, especially younger ones, Email can seem like a much more formal and daunting communication style than Chat messaging. If you send a long email to a potential Russian wife who has a poor grasp on English, she would have to sit with an Interpreter and go through every part of it. This can take an extremely long time, and ladies could be put off by this. Were you to send chat messages to a Russian bride or Kiev lady, as these are shorter and more to-the-point, it is easier for a lady with less-than-perfect English skills to understand and replying would take much less time. Ladies with stronger English skills may sometimes prefer communicating via Email and may even relish the opportunity to use their language expertise and have deeper conversations.

Which approach works best will always depend on the personal preferences of the individuals involved, their comfort level both with their grasp on English and with conversation itself, and their computer skills.