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Do Russian Women Travel?

18. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many people believe that Russian women are poor and miserable and can barely scrape together enough change to ride the bus, much less travel the country and the world. However, this simply isn’t true. Though Eastern Europeans typically earn much less than their Western counterparts, they still manage to get out and see the sights.


Browse HRB profiles for a few minutes, and you’re bound to see such statements as “I love to travel” and “I dream of seeing the world.” Some ladies even share travel photos. The ladies of Hot Russian Brides aren’t sitting at home, longing to escape, they’re traveling around, enjoying life, though many ladies would love to share their adventures with a special gentlemen.


One thing that might confuse members of HRB is the fact that Russian women rarely, if ever, travel abroad to meet suitors for the first time. Safety issues aside, women from Eastern Europe must secure a travel visa before visiting many countries, a task that is surprisingly difficult. While obtaining a visa may seem simple enough, the application process is often confusing, expensive, and time-consuming. Even if a lady is able to secure a visa, she may not be able to afford an international plane ticket or she may feel uncomfortable visiting a man in a foreign country. For these reasons, and others, many gentlemen choose to travel to a lady’s home country rather the other way around.

Generally speaking, the women on Hot Russian Brides enjoy travel and would love to see what the world has to offer. International dating, by its very nature, isn’t known for attracting timid homebodies. Looking for a sexy travel buddy? Join HRB and start chatting with Russian women today.