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Do Russian Women Want Older Husbands?

20. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Have you wondered why many of the hot Russian brides who email you are 10, 20, or even 30 years younger? Some gentlemen are quick to cry scam, thinking it just doesn’t make sense for women to want older husbands. However, a new study confirms that ladies have different priorities when pining for partners and matching up with more mature mates is fairly common across cultures.


The University of Wales Institute Cardiff analyzed the age preferences of 22,000 men and women using online dating sites in 14 countries, including Russia and Ukraine. Results showed that women across all age groups and cultures targeted older men. But as men aged, they clearly expressed a preference for women increasing younger than themselves.


Psychologist Dr. Michael Dunn says these findings are supportive of evolutionary theory. “A wide variety of evidence has shown that women, when considering a potential long-term partner, focus more than males on cues indicative of wealth and status and these logically accumulate with age. Males conversely focus more intently on physical attractiveness cues and these are clearly correlated with the years of maximum fertility.”


Many of the happy couples that have met on HotRussianBrides.com share a significant age difference so it shouldn’t be seen as strange or unnatural for these types of relationships to exist. Russian and Ukrainian women put more importance on personality and inner qualities rather than appearance and age.


Gentlemen shouldn’t restrict their own searches based on age either. All generations of hot Russian women are looking for love! Sign up today!


Source: Reuters