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Do Russian Women Want to Work?

13. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian women are often described as traditional, feminine flowers longing for love and a family to fawn over. While this may be true, the notion that all ladies will be content without careers is false.


Svetlana Kolchik, columnist for RIA Novosti, recently researched this subject and believes the key to a woman's happiness and health is the balance.


“They could be single or married, even with kids, they might also have hobbies and interests outside their jobs, but yet for a growing number of Russian women work appears to have become an inviting home and a major source of inspiration and pleasure,” Kolchik writes.


Since many Russian girls spend significant time as students, it’s no surprise that they would want to put all that training to good use in their fields of study. While the income is a nice initiator, once they settle into a satisfying job, they appreciate additional benefits.


“For many of today's Russian women, especially those living in big cities, work is not just the means to earn a living, but above all a safe refuge from life's calamities, a great opportunity for self-actualization and a source of gratification and personal satisfaction,” continues Kolchik.


Men can simply browse through the profiles on HotRussianBrides.com and see that ladies are employed in a variety of professions. Here are a just a few who mention work right in their profiles:


  • "My colleagues say I’m serious and goal-oriented person who try to do the work perfectly." TaniLucky
  •  "I love music and dancing, now this is a hobby but used to be one of my professions." _Galina
  •  "I get up at 9 in the morning then I go to my lovely work where I spend most of my time." BrightLuda
  •  "I want to become a psychologist because I love talking to people and helping them." Dreamflowers
  •  "I love children and thats why I work with them." YourIllusion
  •  "Each day I go to work at a small atelier where I design and sew women's clothing. It's a pleasure to go to work every day for me, for I truly enjoy drawing and seeing my creations make a lady look and feel beautiful." Softtouch


Will Russian ladies give up their livelihood when they find husbands? Some will, but some won’t. Communication is critical for couples to match each other’s needs and enjoy a fairy tale future together!