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Do Ukrainian Women Welcome St. Patrick's Day?

11. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Ukrainian ladies love dancing, socializing, and dressing up for special occasions, so why wouldn't they celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Cultural events are always welcome in Ukraine and Irish pubs are especially popular in the capital city.


O'Brien's, Golden Gate, and Docker Pub are just a few of the Irish restaurants in Kyiv that will be packed with party people this weekend.


"The only difference between Ukraine and Ireland, when it comes to the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, is that Ukrainians tend to eat and drink, while in Ireland they just drink," says Shamus Murphy, an Irishman from Dublin who works in Kyiv.


It also helps that the holiday falls right near the beginning of spring when everyone is eager to shed their heavy coats, escape from their heated hideouts, and enjoy the slightly warmer weather.


Kyiv even has a school of Irish dance called Shannon River. This Saturday, the group is performing a concert and hosting a master class where everyone can take part in learning the basics.


Ask your favorite Ukrainian girls how they'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend! 


Source, Photo: Worldwide News Ukraine