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Do You Have Reasonable Expectations?

25. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

If Russian dating has one cardinal rule it’s this: a gentleman must have realistic expectations! It’s impossible to emphasize this point enough. Thousands of hopeful suitors have wasted an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money simply because they approached Russian dating with the wrong attitude and unrealistic expectations.

If you’re thinking of giving Russian dating a try, thoroughly educate yourself about the process to get a realistic idea about what you can expect. If you’re a current participant who keeps striking out, think long and hard about what you’re hoping to achieve and how you think the Russian dating process should work. Are your expectations realistic? Be honest. 

Thanks to the myths and stereotypes associated with Russian women and Russian dating, gentlemen may not know what’s realistic and what’s not. Here are a few articles to help clarify the issue.

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There are pluses and minuses to any form of courtship, Russian dating included. A man must simply know what he can realistically expect from each one and choose the option that works best for him. If a gentleman thinks that Russian dating matches his expectations, he should continue his search for a foreign bride. If not, he should concentrate on the other dating models which are plentiful in today’s society. Knowing what to realistically expect is key to having a successful Russian dating experience.