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Do You Have a Case of Russian Dating Shyness?

21. February 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

When some men join Hot Russian Brides they’re struck with a case of Russian dating shyness. Normally confident men suddenly find themselves feeling timid, self-conscious, and not sure what to say to the lovely ladies of HRB. Do you suffer from this affliction?

While Russian women are often breathtakingly beautiful, they’re still just regular people. They have the same sort of concerns and interests as any other person, so men shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and say hello. If you’re not sure what to talk about, check out our conversation starter articles for a few ideas.

Some men grow virtually mute on HRB because they’re afraid of being shot down or because they’re worried the ladies will scoff at their advances. While rejection is a possibility, you’ll never know unless you try. As for scoffing, the ladies have chosen to put their information on an international dating site in order to meet new people. Therefore, it’s unlikely that they’ll look down upon a potential suitor. Approaching a woman on HRB isn’t the same thing as approaching a woman on the street or at the bar. At the very least, you know the ladies are single and looking. 

Russian women like men who are confident
and self-assured (but not cocky), so it’s in your best interest to push your shyness aside and approach the ladies of HRB with a positive, confident attitude. Not every advance will result in a Russian love match, but if you keep trying you’re sure to find a few good contenders. Good luck!

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