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Do You Know Russian Women Named Angelina?

22. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met hot Russian bride, Angilina?

Another Russian Name Day means more beautiful women you can impress with your knowledge of Russian culture!


Russian Name Days, also known as Saint’s Days or Angel Days, were originally created to honor saints. Since many Russian and Ukrainian women were often named after these saints, they started celebrating Name Days like birthdays!


While the popularity of Name Day festivities has decreased over the years, many traditionalists (and ladies who love to party!) still cherish these occasions. You may impress these ladies by congratulating them, and even surprise those who aren’t aware it’s their special day!


Some say Angelina originated as a Russian women’s name, derived from the Greek name Angela, meaning “messenger of God” or “angel”. Hot Russian brides often prefer the nicknames Lina, Alina, or Elina.


Have you met these angelic Angelinas and Angelas yet? Click on the photos to view their profiles and send some messages to say hello!


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