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Do You Prefer Quantity or Quality?

28. September 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since there are millions of young, single women in Russia and Ukraine, there are thousands of introduction agencies willing to help them find their soul mates. Some Russian dating sites partner with every one possible, so they can brag about having hundreds of thousands of profiles.


However, some agencies are more trustworthy than others, and HotRussianBrides.com chooses to work only with the best.


There are agency representatives who don't want to spend the time reviewing the ladies' identification and send us copies. They feel it's unnecessary to record her reading the attestation on camera and uploading the video for verification. These are the types of agencies that HotRussianBrides.com prefers not to deal with, because we want to offer the highest quality service to our members.


Other Russian dating sites scoff at us for actually obtaining copies of passports and video documentation as proof of a lady's identity. They worry that their lack of this extreme attention to detail will make them look inferior to HotRussianBrides.com... and they do!


While we want our gentlemen members to have access to new single ladies as quickly as they join, we also want them to enjoy a safe and secure experience. It may take a little longer to approve the ladies' profiles with our thorough validation methods, but the happy testimonials we receive on a daily basis proves it's well worth it.