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Do You See Grayed-Out Profile Cards in Your Black Book?

13. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com offers members a helpful tool to organize all of their interactions with the ladies -- The Black Book! But one occurrence that often confuses gentlemen is when Profile Cards in their Favorites folder are grayed out.


This isn't a system glitch, nor does it mean the lady isn't a member of the site anymore. It actually means she's a Match!


First, let's explain Favorites and Admirers. When you add a lady to your Favorites, she will show up in the Favorites list of your Black Book. If a lady adds you to her Favorites, she will show up in your Admirers list, also located in your Black Book.


Now here's the fun part! If both you and a lady add each other to your Favorites, you become each others' Matches! Whenever you view your Favorites, that Russian bride will appear there, but her profile card will be grayed-out. This is because you are both now listed in the others’ My Matches list. Go to your Black Book and see for yourself!


So what does it mean when you and a Ukrainian lady are Matches? You have both expressed an interest in each other so you may want to take your relationship a little bit further! Chat with her to find out if she's your perfect match and possibly your future wife!