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Do Younger Russian Girls Really Want Older Husbands?

18. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

In many different countries and cultures, younger women are often attracted to older, more distinguished gentlemen. You may receive many emails and chat requests from Russian girls who are much younger than you. Why is this and are they really serious?


Reasons Why Younger Women are Attracted to Older Men

Russian women, like all women who are ready to settle down and start a family, may seek husbands who are less likely to go out and party at the clubs or bar hopping with the boys. They seek men who are mature, stable, and will give them the respect and attention they deserve. These happen to be traits of older and wiser gentlemen, rather than the 18-34 male age group. More experienced men also know themselves better so therefore will put more effort into getting to know the Russian ladies more, rather than forcing a fast marriage proposal.


Young Russian Brides are Eager and Excited

Many of the younger Russian ladies' days are filled with university classes and studying, so when they arrive at the agency office, they are ready to socialize and will probably contact as many gentlemen as time will allow. Meeting men who are attracted to them and interested in what they have to say is quite exhilarating so they might not even consider age at first. They may become easily infatuated with more mature and experienced men, but may not stop and think if a large age difference will really make for a successful marriage.


So Will a Marriage Like This Really Work?

It's hard to say if age really matters in successful marriages because there are so many other factors involved. Russian women do tend to date, and in many cases, marry men who are 5 to 15 years older. Some Russian girls may look very young, but they may feel and act more mature. A large age difference may work for some, but be absolutely ridiculous for others. Read the testimonials of real life couples that matched up on HotRussianBrides and you can see for yourself the common age differences. 


If you and your Russian lady are both serious about marriage, have things in common, and feel a strong connection, then maybe age is really just a number. There is a wide age variety of single ladies looking for love on HotRussianBrides. Use the advanced search feature to find the age group that you are most comfortable with and find your Russian bride!