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Do ladies go through a qualification process on HotRussianBrides.com?

10. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Members of our site who are ready to meet the Single Russian Ladies of their dreams start the process by taking part in our Qualification process and then completing our IMBRA requirements. Occasionally we are asked, though – do ladies have to go through the same qualification process, and fill out the same IMBRA forms?

While Russian ladies and Kiev girls do not normally have to go through the exact same qualification process that Western gentlemen do, they certainly do have a system of their own with our Introductions agencies. Any lady signing up with our International matchmaking agency must go through our validation system. Potential Russian Wives must come into the offices run by our local Russian dating agencies and sign up. We require them to provide their identification, along with signing documents on video camera that help us verify their identities and ensure that they will follow the rules of our site.

We began this process so that the gentlemen signing up on our site could be reassured that we had taken every reasonable step to ensure that the ladies on our service are real and validated. This process has enabled HotRussianBrides.com to operate one of the safest and scam-free systems of any Russian marriage agencies.

While ladies have to go through this process before they even sign up, gentlemen must go through their process when they are finished looking for women and ready to meet a Russian bride or Ukraine lady, or exchange outside contact information. After you have completed the IMBRA and qualification processes, you are free to send Intimacy Requests to any of the Russian single women on our site.