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Does Money Make Russian Women Happy?

10. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

One stereotype that still exists about Russian girls who join international dating sites is that they are only after foreign men for their money. However, many of the ladies can honestly say that finding true love trumps treasures and riches any day.


Russian women are very romantic. Many dream about finding their Prince Charming and becoming a wonderful wife and mother. While some funds are necessary to secure a comfortable life, these ladies are used to getting by with much less. Many would likely choose a sunset stroll with their soulmate over a shopping spree.


This certainly doesn't mean that they are opposed to spending; most ladies love shopping! They just realize that investing in things like family, friends, and romantic relationships actually makes them happier.


"Being the most social of all living creatures, we feel especially rewarded emotionally when we invest in relationships," explains Russian journalist Svetlana Kolchik. "So buying a gift for someone is more pleasurable than shopping for oneself, and donating money say, to charity or some other good causes, gives us an even stronger kick than spending it on material things whatsoever (brain studies have been done to prove that)."


Consider chatting with Russian brides about your latest charitable contribution or what you gave your parents or siblings for the holidays. Also, when you're selecting a gift to send from the HotRussianBrides.com Gift Shop, put extra thought in the message you send along with it. She'll certainly enjoy the candy, perfume, or flowers, but she'll remember that message forever!