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Does Russian Dating Really Work?

2. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Nearly every gentleman who has considered Russian dating has asked himself the following question: Can I truly meet my future wife on an international dating website? Of course you can! However, like anything worth pursuing, you must give Russian dating proper time, care, and attention.


Some men unfortunately look at Russian dating as a quick way to find a wife. They create a profile, send a few emails, and then propose to whoever writes back. Many of the men are genuinely surprised when this lightning-fast courtship process doesn’t work, with a few fellows going so far as to call the service a scam and accuse a lady of being not serious. However as we’ve mentioned before, finding a future spouse takes time and marriage is not something a lady wants to rush into with a stranger. If men want to be successful on HotRussianBrides, they must be willing to invest the time it takes to properly court and get to know a special lady. How long is this? Courtship times vary of course, but certainly more than a few days or weeks.

On the other side of the coin are men who spend a lot of time pursuing Russian women online but behave in ways that are unlikely to win the heart of any woman. Some men boss the ladies around, some make unreasonable demands, some make inappropriate comments or send the women nude photos. For whatever reason, these fellows do not think the basic rules of courtship apply to Russian dating and behave differently on international dating websites than they do in person.

Does Russian dating really work? Yes. Just look at the Featured Couples bar on the right. However, finding a Russian bride takes time and effort and men who wish to be successful must be willing to dedicate time and energy to the process.