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Don’t Forget to Try Live Video Streaming!

29. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many members of Hot Russian Brides use only one or two of the site’s features, normally email or chat. However, live video streaming is a great way to enhance your Russian dating experience. Thanks to HRB’s 4th of July promotion, members can try this fun feature at half price!

Wondering about the benefits of live video streaming? There’s many. First, many men enjoy the perks of seeing a woman live on camera. Though email is fun, it doesn’t compare to seeing a potential match laugh at your jokes, smile at your messages, and blush at your compliments in real time.

Live video streaming can also ease scam concerns because it proves that the women in the profile pictures are real and not hairy Russians named Sergei or Alexander. Even if you aren’t worried about scammers there’s something reassuring about seeing a potential match with your own eyes.

Finally, live video streaming is great because it provides instant gratification. Members can type a question and receive a reply in a minute or less, rather than waiting days or even weeks for an email reply. Not only that, but members who chat don’t have to worry about communication getting lost in the shuffle or that a potential match will forget to respond.

To instantly chat with a Russian woman, simply log on to HotRussianBrides.com and click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button on a lady’s profile card. Members may also accept chat invites by clicking “Let’s Chat.” If you’re viewing a Russian woman’s profile, simply click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button to the left of the lady’s user name. If the Live Webcam button isn’t flashing, the lady is not streaming video.

Have fun chatting!