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Don’t Feel Bad if You Can’t Respond to All Introduction Letters

11. February 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

On HRB, there are two types of emails: introduction and follow up. Premium plans have a number of both included in the price, which facilitates communication at different steps of the online dating process. However, sometimes members feel that they need to respond to every single introduction letter that they receive, which in some cases can reach the hundreds. As well-intentioned as these gentlemen may be, don’t feel bad if you can’t reply to all of them.

Just like you have a set number, the ladies on our site do as well and they use them as a way to say “Hello!” and introduce themselves. Introduction emails are a quick way to express interest and to lead to a more in-depth conversation, if you are interested in the person that sent the email. Not responding is not a rejection. Think of it as a way to flirt with someone to test their reciprocal attraction.

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