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Don’t Let Your Hot Russian Snowmaiden Get Away!

14. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

Popular Russian Fairytales have been a part of Russian culture for years. Besides children enjoying these wonderful stories before bedtime, these stories have also been valued by adults for the many great lessons that they teach. Thus, women and men not only relish these longtime stories because they are so enjoyable, but also because learning lessons through famous Russian fairytales helps them live even more productive lives.

A Famous Russian Fairytale

A famous Russian fairytale tells the story of a lovely Snowmaiden named Snyegurochka. Snyegurochka was not born into the world like other children, but made of snow by her grandparents. To give her character, her grandparents gave her two dark blue beads for her eyes, impressed two dimples upon her cheeks, and used a beautiful red ribbon to display her delicate mouth. Shortly after making Snyegurochka, hair began to grow, and she began to smile. Like Frosty the Snowman, her legs and arms started to move as she took her first stroll through the garden. After Snyegurochka’s new transformation, her and her grandparents went to go live out their days in a wooden house known in Russia as the Izba. Shy, possibly because although beautiful, her skin color still maintained the crisp color of white. Because of this, Snyegurochka was not a child to favor rampaging outdoors. However, this changed one day when her friends persuaded her to go romping though the forest with them. After a bit of circumspection, Snyegurochka decided to go along with the plan. As her friends lived out their adventurous day in the forest, Snyegurochka sat dipping her fingers in the waters of a cold stream.  Towards the end of the day the girls were inspired by the cool evening to build a bonfire.

Being young and spunky girls, who would later grow up to be lovely Russian women, they decided to play a risky game. During this game, they jumped back and forth over the fire. Skeptical, Snyegurochka sat and watched. Finally, they had successfully convinced her to join the ongoing frolic. Snyegurochka stood up and jumped over the fire. But while she was in the air, a hissing snake sound could be heard throughout the land. Soon afterwards her friends watched rising smoke form into a cloud. As the cloud rose, the disbelieving youngsters stood in shock. The rising cloud was actually Snyegurochka. The poor girl had melted!

Moral of the Story

There are likely many morals that one can take away from this story. However, for gentlemen the moral of the story just may be to take action so that your hot Russian Snowmaiden doesn’t melt, or get away.