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Don’t Make This Common Video Chat Mistake

7. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Thinking of trying live video chat? Here's one big mistake to avoid.


There are many benefits to live video chat: It’s fun, it adds a layer of depth to a couple’s interaction, it helps eases scamming concerns, it’s easy and convenient, and it’s a great way to get to know a special lady. It’s not, however, meant as a performing tool.


Whether they realize it or not, some men treat Russian ladies like paid entertainers by issuing a string of requests/demands. “Stand up!” “Turn around!” “Dance for me!” “Wave to the camera!” “Let down your hair!” “Show some skin!” While polite requests for a smile or wave are fine, ordering girls around like the Subservient Chicken will not win any hearts. Men who keep this in mind will fare much better with the ladies than those who do not.


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To instantly chat with a Russian woman, simply log on to HotRussianBrides.com and click on the flashing “Live Chat” button on a lady’s profile card. Members may also accept chat invites (top part of screen) by clicking “Let’s Chat.” If you’re viewing a Russian woman’s profile, simply click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button just under the lady’s use name. If the Live Webcam button is not flashing the lady is not currently streaming video.