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Don't Blindly Believe Bad Press!

2. December 2011 by Masha 0 Comments

Don't Blindly Believe Bad Press!Rumors and gossip can be found about almost every industry on the internet. Unfortunately, Russian dating sites fall victim to this occurence often. One aspect that skeptics and naysayers cry "scam!" about frequently is the agencies that provide women online access and help arrange dates for them.


Some men feel this "middle man" isn't necessary and wonder why they can't meet women without going through the agency representatives. There are many reasons that agencies are a welcome partner in the ladies' search for love. Many of the girls simply don't have the resources like computers, web cams, or internet to even be able to participate, while others enjoy the security the agencies provide.


However, it really doesn't matter why ladies choose to utilize agencies to help find their soul mates, because men who have dealt with them admit it was a very enjoyable experience.


One member of HotRussianBrides.com highly recommends Orchid Agency, saying, "They are first class and all the ladies I have met there are honest and have integrity." This gentleman had read negative comments about this particular agency online, but chose to experience it for himself before making judgements.


"I will be posting comments on the website where I saw these negative comments and telling them how impressed I am about their care and attention, not just for their ladies, but for the gentlemen too. I feel like they are more like friends to me who really care about helping people find true love," he said.


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