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Don’t Discount More Mature Ladies on Hot Russian Brides

17. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

There is a tendency among gentlemen who join Russian dating sites to focus solely on younger ladies. However, you could miss out on the perfect lady for you if you make the age group you’ll consider overly restrictive. Reasons that the 30+ crowd is worth a look:


She Is More Mature

An older lady knows what goes into building a strong romance. Plus, years of life-experience can make her calmer and more balanced. Think about your temperament now compared to the way you were in your twenties. It is the same for the ladies.


She Knows What She Wants

A lady in her 20s is possibly still in school or early in her career and has not yet decided what she would like from her life. She does not have a lot of living experience, and is still trying out different things. An older lady who has completed her education, spent some time in the workplace and has maybe had a serious relationship or two will have a better idea of what she wants from her life going forward. Even better, she’ll be able to tell you what she wants out of life.


Better Compatibility

While age-gap romances are far more common in the FSU than they are here, there are still a number of ladies over there who prefer to date within their age group. If you seek a lady who is within five to ten years of your age, you are less likely to have your romance tripped up by an age gap. 


Fewer Suitors Vying for Her Attention

There’s a widespread perception that younger=more desirable. Even when gentlemen date in their local area, they tend to seek ladies who are younger than they are. However, research indicates that ladies who are in their 30s and 40s have better attitudes about sex, relationships, and life in general. By expanding your focus to include ladies in their thirties and forties, you are not only opening yourself up to some of the warmest and kindest ladies on the site, you are getting a chance with a lady who is not overwhelmed by suitors.


So, next time you search for new ladies to chat with on Hot Russian Brides, slide the age counter a little further south. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful, intelligent, well-cultured ladies you will meet.