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Don't Fret About Professional Profile Pics

2. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

One thing about Hot Russian Brides that sets off scammer alarm bells is the ladies’ professional profile pics. Critics argue that professional photos are a sure sign of a scam as the women can’t afford them and they’re designed to bait unsuspecting men into chatting with beautiful women who aren’t actually members. While this skeptical viewpoint is understandable, it isn’t accurate. Here’s the deal with Hot Russian Brides’ professional profile photos.

First, it’s important to point out that the ladies aren’t paying hundreds of dollars for a professional photographer. Many of our Russian agencies have their own onsite studios or can refer ladies to photographers who will offer the women a deep discount, if they charge at all. In addition, professional photo sessions in Russia are not as expensive as they are in Western countries, so many women don’t think twice about hiring a professional photographer. Why wouldn’t the ladies take advantage of this low-cost, convenient service?

While the ladies in Hot Russian Brides’ profile photos are indeed beautiful, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. The ladies naturally want to look gorgeous in their photos and so they primp and pose accordingly. If a gentlemen is worried the women pictured on HRB aren’t real, he merely has to check out her introduction video or invite her to chat via live video streaming. 

Many critics object to professional photos because they believe such pics are meant to lure in as many gentlemen as possible. And they’re right. When it comes to online dating, Russian dating included, isn’t a large membership base considered a good thing? More men means the ladies have more potential matches to choose from and vice versa. The ladies understandably want to improve their odds of finding someone special and understand that beautiful, professional photos generate more interest than blurry, amateur pics. Not only that, but Hot Russian Brides prides itself on being the best in the industry and professional photos are just one way we offer our members a high-quality Russian dating experience.

Don’t fret about Hot Russian Brides’ professional profile photos. Though critics insist high-quality pics are a scam, they’re simply a way for HRB and the ladies to represent themselves in an appealing, professional manner.