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Don't Let Myths Scare You Away from Russian Dating

2. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many men are interested in Russian women, but hesitate to join an international dating site because of common misconceptions about the industry. Here are three prevalent myths and why they’re flawed.

Russian Women Are Dishonest

One of the most prevalent myths about the international dating industry is that Russian women are scammers. Some women are allegedly after money and gifts, while others want a green card. The truth is that the women of HRB are online for the same reason the men are – to chat and flirt with foreign singles and hopefully find love. Sure, bad apples exist but we work hard to weed out women with dishonest intentions. Learn more here.

Russian Bride Sites Are for Losers

Some people think that signing up for a Russian dating site is equivalent to admitting defeat at home. In other words, men who join HRB do so only after they’ve failed with local women. However, this isn’t accurate. While a few men might have problems at home, the majority of men search for love abroad because they’re curious about foreign women and want to explore all options, not because they repel women in their own country. Joining HRB is not an admittance of failure, but rather a willingness to try new things. 

Russian Dating Sites Are Dishonest

If it’s not Russian women who are up to no good, then it’s likely the sites that feature them. Or so critics argue. Some people insist that HRB pays women to chat, uses fake photos, and/or misleads the men about the ladies’ intentions. None of this is true. In fact, we implemented validation videos and live video streaming to help our members feel more secure.

The Russian dating industry is full of rumors, but that doesn’t mean men can’t find a match on HRB. Explore the site’s benefits and features for yourself!