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Don't Lose Focus

1. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Imagine that two gentlemen begin using HotRussianBrides on the same day. At first they both focus on finding a potential match and getting to know the ladies, but somewhere along the way one of the gentlemen finds his way to a blacklist website or Russian dating forum. After reading a few negative reports posted on these sites, the man’s focus begins to shift. Though he may not realize it, he begins to spend more and more time looking for potential scammers on HotRussianBrides, questioning the motives of every lady, and generally second guessing every aspect of our service. He may even start accusing the ladies of being scammers, interrogating them about claims he has read online, and threatening to have our website shut down. Is it therefore any wonder that the first gentleman, the one who focused on finding a match all along, found a bride while the other did not? It may seem like a hypothetical situation but we can confidently say that men who are searching for scammers on every corner are rarely successful on our site, or any other site for that matter. Those who spend most of their energy finding the right woman and ignoring those who seem shady or insincere have a much higher rate of success.

While we’re not saying that scammers never find their way to HotRussianBrides or that gentlemen should never visit other Russian dating websites, it is important that men not let scammer paranoia destroy their chances of finding a bride. Men who use a little common sense regarding the women they chat with and adopt a “innocent until proven guilty” attitude rather than a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality have a much, (much!) better chance of finding love with a Russian woman. As always, we encourage members to immediately report any suspicious behavior and/or proof they might have. Don’t let the opinions and unverified claims of others ruin your Russian dating experience by causing you to lose focus.