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Don’t Pay More for Translation and Interpretation!

1. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Interested in Russian dating but worried about translation costs? Here’s something that will ease your mind: at Hot Russian Brides, translation and interpretation is fully included in the cost of membership. Our members never have to worry about blowing their budget on costly translation fees!


Many seemingly low-cost dating sites charge extra for translation, an expense that can really add up. Though prices vary, some services charge around 0.10 per word or $15 per letter or email. This naturally cuts down on the amount of communication between an international couple, something that is hardly conducive to building a healthy relationship. 


Many people assume translation and interpretation simply means that a bilingual professional changes English words to their Russian equivalents and vice versa. However, it’s much more involved than that! The translators that work with HRB ensure that the integrity of men’s messages remain intact. This involves preserving the intended inflection, tone, and overall quality of a message which literal translation just can’t do. Try cutting and pasting a message into an online translation tool to see what we mean. 


Most Western men do not speak Russian or Ukrainian and need skilled interpreters to communicate with the women of Eastern European. HRB rolls translation and interpretation into the price of membership, which means members can communicate with our ladies as much as they want without breaking the bank. Join Hot Russian Brides to enjoy this invaluable benefit!


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