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What She Says vs. What She Means

2. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Russian women are known for their intelligence and education, but not all are proficient in English.


Ours is a notoriously difficult language to learn: It's not always phonetic. It's full of irregular verbs and strange tenses.  And the words we use for things have nuances ("jolly" is associated with Santa Claus even though it means "happy.") Some expressions and words are outdated (look at the word "gay.") And some words in a bilingual dictionary are just not the same as the "living" language.


What’s that odor in my hair? Something from the saloon!

Here are a few words we often see in emails and profiles from our Russian ladies, and what they mean:


  • Organism is an imprecise translation of body. “I have the flu and my whole organism aches.”
  • Odor may mean a pleasant scent or aroma. “The odor of my mother’s cooking wafted throughout the house.”
  • Active rest simply means outdoor activities, or relaxing outdoors. “I enjoy jogging, gardening and other outdoor rest.”
  • Merry and jolly simply mean happy and joyful.
  • Saloon is simply a European version of salon (and car sedan, too). So no, “I went to the saloon on Saturday morning,” doesn’t mean she hit the neighborhood bar!
  • Intercourse is another word for conversation between people, as in “social intercourse.” It was a term used the same way in English more than a century ago, too. Mind out of the gutter if she says, “I like to intercourse with interesting people!” 

Divided by a Common Language

And let's not forget that there are many different ways to speak English, and the Russian ladies you meet may have learned from either a British or a North American teacher. It may come out in how she uses particular words. For example, "Rubber" (as a noun) means condom in North America, but eraser in the UK. A "boot" is footwear in America, but means a car trunk in British English.


HotRussianBrides.com uses an army of translators to help our ladies communicate, but even the translators may not write as precisely as a native speaker. Be patient, think outside the box, and you'll be a smooth communicator with the ladies of your choice!