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Dos and Don'ts of Live Video Chat

10. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian and Ukrainian women are known for their supreme beauty, and while photos certainly do them justice, seeing them live on video is an exhilarating experience. HotRussianBrides.com introduced live video chat over 5 years ago with the most competitive pricing in the Russian dating industry.


Not only can members validate the ladies’ identities with their own eyes, but they can enjoy faster and more personal communication. Here are some simple tips for live video chat etiquette that will enhance your experience.


Do Compliment Her Appearance

Some men think beautiful Russian brides are complimented all the time so may neglect to do so. Ladies always love to hear sincere compliments no matter how often they hear them! Especially when they are streaming live video!


Don’t Ask For Inappropriate Behavior

While it can be tempting to ask a lady to “show off” in front of the camera, such as dancing seductively or baring her body, these requests are often seen as offensive and rude. Russian women are impressed by polite gentlemen so suggesting or chatting about sex should be suppressed.


Do Schedule Video Chat Dates

The best way to enjoy ample, uninterrupted video chats with your favorite ladies is to schedule time with them. Some guys think the girls can just hop online and flip on the web cam whenever they wish, but that’s really not the case. Find times that are best for both of you and you can enjoy her undivided attention.


Don’t Complain About the Cost

There are investments that go along with international dating, but members agree that getting to watch Russian ladies live while chatting is money well spent. However, some gentlemen are so concerned with costs that they embarrass themselves by complaining to the ladies. This insults the women and doesn’t help anyone find their match any faster.


Do Get Video Chat Cheaper

It's wise to be a smart shopper and save money on products and services. HotRussianBrides.com offers Premium Memberships so men can enjoy live video chat at half price! While Bronze Members pay 2 credits/minute, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members pay only 1 credit! Plus, there are many more benefits of being a Premium Member.


Live video chat is fun and exciting! Log on, see who’s online now, and start sifting through the stunning singles to find your soul mate!