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Dunkin Donuts to Return to Russia in May

29. April 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Gentlemen visiting Single Russian women in their home country may want to take note; it’ll soon be easier to get a taste of home when you’re in Russia as Dunkin’ Donuts is ready to open a location in Northern Moscow.

The chain first tried to open in Russia in 1995, not long after the end of the Soviet Union made Russia’s business atmosphere a lot friendlier toward American companies but the company ended their operations in 1999 after lackluster sales. Now, ten years later, with Russia’s fast food industry booming and over 2000 successful Dunkin’ Donuts locations being opened in neighboring countries, the company has decided to re-enter the Russian market. The Moscow location is the first of 20 planned for the city and many more in other prominent Russian areas such as St. Petersburg and Sochi.

They are hoping to market the Donut to a Russian audience by playing up the food’s resemblance to the Ponchik, a more traditional Russian dessert. If the Russian locations are successful, the company also hopes to expand to Ukraine within a year. While Dunkin’ Donuts does compare its café locations to Starbucks – who have found success after opening their first Russian location in 2007 and have expanded to include 26 more – their entry into the Russian market is being compared by many to fast food giant Burger King’s earlier in the year. Burger King plan to open at least ten more locations in Russia by the end of 2010.