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Earth Day is Also Lenin’s Birthday – Coincidence?

22. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Today is Earth Day, a world-wide celebration of environmentalism and preservation of Mother Earth. However, also on April 22, 1870, the Russian revolutionary and communist politician Vladimir Lenin (né Ulyanov) was born.

Because the inaugural Earth Day celebration took place on the 100th birthday of Lenin (1970), Time Magazine reported that a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution stated that the event was a Communist rouse and that “subversive” people were behind the celebration. J. Edgar Hoover found this “connection” intriguing and it is alleged that the FBI conducted surveillance at the demonstrations.

While Lenin was not an environmentalist, many critics of Earth Day say that the “holiday” is a Marxist-influenced event designed to give the government more power over land and its people. The main gripe is that under Communism, the state outlawed private property and owned all land along with all the resources found in it (which gave them the right to use as they deemed appropriate). In the US, the Federal government now owns more than 40% of the country’s landmass, including millions of acres of oil- and mineral-rich areas.

Political or not, the Earth Day celebrations have done a lot in furthering international relations. In 1990, the Earth Day 20 International Peace Climb brought together mountaineers from the United States, Russia (Soviet Union) and China for the first time as they climbed Mt. Everest and brought back over 2 tons of trash left behind by other expeditions.