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Ekaterina Vandaryeva, Kickboxing Barbie from Belarus

22. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

When Ekaterina Vandaryeva was in high school, she decided to join the police academy upon graduation. However, once she started kickboxing to develop required skills for the profession, she felt in love with it and vowed that she would not rest until became the world champion.


She is currently the IFMA Amateur Kickboxing / Muay Thai Champion and feels she is a good role model for other young Russian and Ukrainian girls


"Of course, every woman is created in the first place for the family, and as it may be, strange as it may sound, in the sport I do is for this reason, I want to be realized, as an example for the future children," says Ekaterina, who is more commonly known as Barbie.


"When I first came into the sport, I had white hair below the waist, very thin and high, many people said that I have doll looks, that looks like a "Barbie", so they gave the name to me and it stuck. Although I do not like this name, but somehow got used," she explains.


Take a look at these hot pics and watch Barbie win her most recent fight below!





Source: Sportnaviny, Photos: English Russia