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Elena Vaenga is Neither a Witch nor a Vampire

8. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Is it too late for Russian Halloween stories? Because this one’s a little spooky.


Russian singer Elena Vaenga won a $3200 libel judgment against Russian magazine Sobesyednik Media after the magazine published claims that Ms. Vaenga was a vampire and a witch. The magazine published one article with the title, “Is Vaenga a Vampire?” In a separate article, the magazine asserted that Elena had extrasensory perception and healing powers taught to her by her husband’s Gypsy relatives. Sobesyednik said that Elena’s song “Confession of a Witch” was evidence of her supernatural powers. The song includes the lyrics, “blood is not water; I am 300 years old, but I am still young.” In her lawsuit, Ms. Vaenga sought $200,000 in damages.


Elena Vaenga is one of the most popular singers in Russia. Her sound combines folk, rock and chanson styles. Her singing career began when she won a regional song-writing competition at the age of 9. She studied classical music in St. Petersburg before going to Moscow to record her first album. Since then, she’s released several albums in a range of styles and sold out concert halls throughout Europe.


Sobesyednik Media is not the first publication to run afoul of Ms. Vaenga. She won a $5000 libel case against the Russian newspaper Tolko Zvyozdy after they published claims that she was pregnant.