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"Email Order Bride" Premieres on NatGeo

10. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

The National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) debuted a new series "Email Order Brides" last night. The show offers an objective view at the process and motivation behind seeking marriage in the former Soviet Union using online dating services and marriage agencies.

The pilot follows two gentlemen (Gary and Richard) as they court two women from Russia. Filming in both Russia and the US, the pilot highlights the complexities of the process along with information about existing legislation that protects foreign brides and International marriage brokers (IMBRA).

Here’s the description from NatGeo’s Website: “In the United States, as many as 16,000 marriages each year result from international marriage agencies, or ‘mail order bride’ brokers. E-mail Order Bride provides a rare, intimate glimpse into the quirky, and sometimes dangerous, business of arranging marriages across thousands of miles and cultural borders.”


Now, HotRussianBrides.com – despite our catchy name – does not sell mail order brides and does not guarantee that marriage will be the result of an online courtship. We offer the communication tools necessary for men to meet women from other parts of the World. Many men want something different; a unique experience from another corner of our global community. With the increased popularity of social media and online dating Websites, geographic limitations and language barriers are no longer stumbling blocks in the quest for romance.


Kudos to NatGeo for tackling such a hot topic in an objective light.