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Email Order Brides: Correspond with Russian Ladies Safely

10. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Corresponding with Russian ladies via the Internet can prove to be the experience of a lifetime. However, just like any life experience, there are certain pitfalls you must be careful to avoid. The following safety tips can help ensure your online experience is a pleasant one.



While we strive to provide a safe and secure online atmosphere, it is impossible to discourage all forms of fraudulent behavior. It is for this reason that we validate each and every lady who participates in our service. Ladies are first validated at the office of one of the Independent Company/Agency Representatives with whom we work. Each Independent Representative adheres to a strict identification screening process in which a lady must present her valid photo ID (usually a passport) in person should she wish to join our service. The Independent Representative will then scan a copy of the lady's ID for their records, and assist her in filling out an online profile.


A very small minority of ladies who do not sign up in person at the office of an Independent Representative, but rather online, are validated via telephone. A lady who fills out a profile online is not granted access to our website until an Independent Representative calls her to confirm that the information provided in her profile is correct. She must then mail a copy of her passport to the office of the Independent Representative. Once the Independent Representative receives the passport information, the lady will then be provided a unique password enabling her to access the site.


You may notice that some of the ladies' profiles display a "Validated" logo while others do not. Does this mean not all of the ladies are actually validated? No. ALL ladies who participate in our service must present their photo ID in person at the office of an Independent Representative, so you can rest assured that the information and photos contained within each profile is accurate and validated. However, many of the Independent Representatives go one step further by forwarding a scanned copy of each lady's photo ID to our office. We award the efforts of those Independent Representatives by prominently displaying the "Validated" logo in the profile of each lady for whom we have a copy of her photo ID in our database.


Note: The Independent Company/Agency Representatives with which we have a working relationship are contractually bound to conduct their validation practices in a professional and ethical manner. Should they fail in this regard, they are in violation of their contractual agreement, and will be removed from our service immediately.


Use Common Sense

Think with your mind, not your heart! Scammers prey upon those that make themselves vulnerable. Does this mean you shouldn't open your heart to someone you have made a connection with? Absolutely not. We are simply encouraging the use of good judgment.


Heed the Warning Signs

Keep a keen eye for generic copy/paste form letters. Many scammers utilize letter templates and will simply customize these in response to your interest. Be wary if your name is not included, or if it appears in bold or uppercase letters, and especially so if the letter is addressed to a name other than your own.


This next warning sign may seem rather obvious, but you might be surprised at how many men fall for a little attention and a well-written letter. So, you've exchanged two or three letters with a lady and she's already in love? Please gentlemen, don't fall for it, no matter how genuine it may appear. Any claims of love that early in the game should prove highly suspicious.


Never Send Money

It's really that simple. Don't do it, ever. Sound heartless? Think of it in this context. The point of your correspondence is to develop a mutual friendship with a Russian woman. That's a very difficult thing to do if she sees your relationship as nothing more than a convenient way to fund her next wardrobe purchase. While a lady may have a legitimate need for some extra money, to ask for it from you is nonetheless inappropriate. Please keep in mind that most self-respecting Russian women would never dare ask for money from someone whom they have never even met.


Scammers, on the other hand, have no problem taking money from unsuspecting victims. Many scammers will ask for money for things such as visas, airline tickets, translation services, English lessons, family medical bills, or Internet service fees. Be particularly cautious of these types of requests. And remember, translation costs are included in our service.