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Email on HRB: The Intro-Letter

2. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

New to Hot Russian Brides? Here’s what you need to know about one of HRB’s most important email features: the Intro-Letter™.


The Intro-Letter in a Nutshell

Simply put, an Intro-Letter is the first email you send a woman on HRB. In it, you may introduce yourself, share a little about life, and ask a woman questions about her interests, hobbies, goals, etc. The letter is your first chance to make a great impression, so make it count!

For accounting purposes, HRB’s system recognizes the first message as an "introduction" email. If you send additional email to the same woman, it’s then considered “follow-up” mail. Hot Russian Brides bills introduction and follow-up email differently. The cost of an Intro-Letter and subsequent messages depends on a number of factors, including a man’s membership plan and credit package.


How to Send and Save an Intro-Letter

To send an Intro-Letter to a woman, click the red and yellow “i” icon on a woman’s profile card. You may then type your message and send the email on its way. If you wish to save the text to use as a template for Intro-Letters to other women, click “Save.” You’ll then be able to view the text for use in future correspondence. 


Tips for a Great Intro-Letter

Need help crafting a great first letter? Here are a few helpful articles.


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