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Embarrassed to Tell Your Friends and Family About Russian Dating?

2. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Thanks to the negative myths that surround Russian dating, many gentlemen are embarrassed to admit that they’re seeking love on HotrussianBrides.com. However, members who hide their interest in Russian women are missing a great opportunity to dispel myths about the  industry (something that desperately needs to be done).

Nearly everyone has heard the myths that Russian women are only after money or a green card, that the ladies are paid to chat with men, or that Eastern European women are for sale to the highest bidder. However, you know this isn't true. So instead of hiding your interest in Russian dating, why not try educating people instead? How?

Assure your loved ones that Russian women aren’t for sale and that the ladies on our site aren’t escorts or sex slaves. Explain that many Ukrainian women seek foreign husbands, not because they want money or a green card, but because they want a man with traditional family values and their options at home are limited. It may also help to point out Russian dating success stories. One thing to avoid when discussing Russian dating with a skeptical audience is insulting the women in your country. Though you are certainly entitled to your opinion, arguing that Russian women are perfect goddesses and that American women are fat, hideous beasts is not going to win anyone over. If anything, it will make local women and the men who love them more hostile to the idea of Russian dating.

The more people know about international matchmaking sites like HotRussianBrides.com, the more likely they are to accept the Russian dating industry as a whole. Perhaps one day sites like ours will enjoy the same measure of acceptance as domestic dating services, a win for everyone involved!