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Etiquette Tips and Advice When Chatting with Single Russian Ladies

3. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Many gentlemen on our site have their own ideas of what are the best ways to approach their activity on our Russian Dating website. Frequently, gentlemen may bring faulty logic and personal hang-ups into their relationships online and offline and these can sabotage them. It’s important to view online dating as a similar exchange to in-person dating, as many of the tips and advice we can offer apply in relationships both online and off.


Be confident!

This is SUCH an important factor and so many gentlemen are quick to forget it. In any culture, women respond to self-assured, confident men. Different women will appreciate different methods of demonstrating this, but it is immensely rare for Russian women or any other type to be attracted to social awkwardness or nervousness. Make sure that you don’t come off as needy or clingy. If you come off as needy in your conversations with a lady, this can be the kiss of death for your relationship. Remember – people will want to be with someone who WANTS to be with them, not someone who NEEDS to be with them.


Don’t be domineering!

On the other side of the spectrum are the uber-alpha males, men who will command and demand. This is usually as unattractive to ladies as a lack of confidence - the majority of gentlemen with these types of personalities develop them to cover up their social inadequacies rather than deal with their actual problems. A relationship is a team effort, and if you find yourself making demands and getting angry when they are not being followed, it may be time to examine your approach to dating and the people you approach it with.


Trust her!

Following on from being confident, to truly belong in a relationship you must trust your partner. In the world of online Russian dating, with all of the horror stories and rumors circling the web, we understand that this can be a difficult proposition. Finding a person you trust outright is much more important than falling in love with a pretty face on a computer screen, though. We have written many, many articles on the subject of staying safe while using International Matchmaking sites and we recommend reading them and staying vigilant to protect yourself against the possibility of Russian Bride scams, but never allow unjustified paranoia to disrupt your love life. The best solution is communication – if you are wondering if a lady is chatting with other men, or if she truly cares about you, or if she plans to meet you, simply ASK HER.


Respect her!

One of the best pieces of advice I can always provide is to respect the lady you are chatting with. Sending sexually charged, or offensive emails, using abusive language or threatening words will not endear you to anybody. Not to the lady, and certainly not to our administrators! If a lady isn’t interested in you, simply move along and offer your attention to someone else, the right lady for you may be a single click away.


Always discuss your plans and expectations with the lady you are communicating with, too. If you wish to visit her – ask her the best time. If you are making plans, finalize them with her FAR in advance – surprising a lady a few days before leaving or expecting to show up on her doorstep will almost always end badly.