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Every Night is a New Year at Purga Nightclub

14. February 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Purga NightclubWelcoming in the New Year is one of the biggest celebratory occasions across countries of the Former Soviet Union. While some gentlemen brave the brutal winter to spend the holiday with their hot Russian brides, other men miss out on the merriment and mayhem.


However, Purga Nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia rings in the New Year every night, complete with costumes, decorations, singing, dancing, and much more!


The club's employees are dressed like bunnies, who bounce around making sure everyone's glasses are full and sparklers are lit. An actor does his very best Russian President impression as he recites a rousing speech and the crowd joins together in the singing of the national anthem.


Since its opening in 2002, Purga has been hosting themed parties and nightly New Year celebrations which have made it quite popular with locals and tourists alike. So popular in fact that another location was opened in Moscow three years ago.


So choose which gorgeous Russian girl you want to share that special New Year's kiss with and head to Purga Nightclub any day of the week! Here's a video preview!