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Ex-Russian Soldiers Train for a New Mission in Iraq: Peace

9. October 2009 by James 0 Comments

At an undisclosed location somewhere in central Russia, a group of former Russian soldiers are training for possible action in Iraq. These tough combat veterans aren’t part of a Russian Army deployment but rather a new private security force that will protect Russian citizens and corporations working to rebuild Iraq.


Orvol, a private Russian security firm, puts their men though training that includes more than just shooting and running. They undergo an intensive program that includes an educational and psychological training program that includes learning local accents and street slang. Trainees are taught to recognize and avoid hazards while providing security for Russian engineers and businessmen operating inside Iraq. Sergey Ephiskin, CEO of Orvol, believes that this preparation will give the men a competitive edge.


Russian citizens and firms are in Iraq to help rebuild needed infrastructure such as power plants, sewage treatment plants and roads. Orvol officials believe that Iraqis will see the Russian presence there as a peaceful mission and understand the Russians are there to help, not hurt. Thus, making their job of providing security easier than it is for the British and Americans security forces.


Security workers from Orvol are all highly skilled ex-Russian military officers who understand that their job involves a bit of unique diplomacy, and is a mission of peace. They seek to establish good relationships with not only with the Iraqi people, the police and National Guard, but even the opposition forces, something that other security forces have failed to do. Ephishkin explains that in an area that has seen so much war and has so many divisions that it is important to find a common ground with people.


Officials at Orvol say that their men know that their mission will be a success when they are no longer needed, and Russians can visit and do business in Iraq in peace.