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Experience Arkadia Beach, Ukraine's Ibiza

10. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet Vita91, gorgeous Ukrainian girl from Odessa!

Summer has finally arrived in Ukraine and 271 beaches were officially opened this week. Ukrainian brides in Odessa adore relaxing in the sand and surf of the Black Sea coast and one of the most famous locales is Arkadia Beach. Summer beach parties occur daily and last well into the morning at the popular night clubs right along the beach, giving this hot spot the nickname of "Ukraine’s Ibiza".


Arkadia Beach was named after the mountainous district in Greece of the same name. The founders of Odessa chose this name hoping it would help attract visitors and become a successful vacation destination. Today, Arkadia is the most popular beach, health resort, and summer nightspot in Odessa. You don’t have to go far to experience the nightlife, since exciting beach clubs are right on the sand.


One of the most interesting clubs is actually named Ibiza, designed like a sprawling ant hill with white winding walls. The club resembles a maze full of flat screen TVs, high top lighted tables, neon bars, aquarium pools, and hanging bridges.


Another popular club with an atmosphere of ancient Greece is Itaka. The columns, marble work, and ancient statues remind guests of an authentic Greek amphitheater. Special concerts with Russian pop stars can be seen every week, and a restaurant is available during the day with a variety of options.


Another popular place for dining in Arkadia Beach is the building designed as a large pirate ship, named Assol. Here you can enjoy amazing seafood, as well as other European cuisine, 24 hours a day. Every table has an amazing view of the sea. On the weekends, guests can watch entertaining striptease shows.


For an exciting experience of seaside partying during the day and well into the dawn, be sure to visit the gorgeous Ukrainian girls at Arkadia Beach!